Identity and Access Management (IAM) and How Your Benefits

06 Mar

Identity and access management (IAM) has ceased to be purely about managing employees. Now, it covers everyone and almost everything in the business, from customers to suppliers to partners and even devices. As always, it provides users a seamless experience with your while maintaining security as the topmost priority. 

Here are the most important benefits of adopting IAM in your own business:

24/7 Everywhere Access


More and more people are using their social IDs to obtain resources and services. It's important that you are able to reach your users using any platform and give them hassle-free access to your services with their current digital identities. This is the fairly new concept, Bring Your Own Identity (BYOID), in action: removing all entry barriers and allowing your workers, clients and partners to access your services at Simeio anytime, anywhere and securely.

Building Connections

Digital transformation demands connections with people, devices and applications, but you also have to consider the security risks that come with it. With an IAM solution, the complications of linking with the biggest identity providers like Google and Twitter becomes easier to manage, that is, through the implementation of reliable security measures based on stringent multi-factor authentication processes. It is also important to anticipate future connections so you can expand your solution and link with any new identity providers. Learn more about governance at


Greater Worker Productivity

Hiring a new worker requires a certain process which inevitably involves giving them access to certain parts of your system. If this process is performed manually, it can take more time to finish, thus hindering the new employee from starting work faster. With automated provisioning, this can be expedited so that the worker will be able to access your system as needed without requiring permission from your IT department.

Better User Experience

People today don't have patience maintaining several usernames and passwords. They would rather use one identity when logging in to different systems. If you use a single sign-on (SSO) and unified identity, your clients and partner will be able to do that.

Full Brand Coverage

Finally, connecting with multiple identity providers increases the chances of a breach. There are so many places to secure! With reliable, multi-factor authentication, you can be sure that the identities of those who are trying to access your system are properly and fully verified. Grant types should also control who gets access to which. Monitoring your system with analytics by Simeio means you will be able to detect potential fraud real time, allowing you to take proper action immediately.

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